El Monte Gringo Ranch

Shawn Gerlach kneeling beside a 310" Giant Whitetail Deer at El Monte Gringo Ranch

What To Expect On Your Texas Guided Hunt

El Monte Gringo Ranch stands out as a premier spot in Texas for guided hunting expeditions, especially renowned for its trophy whitetail deer. This premier Texas hunting ranch offers a unique blend of rugged wilderness and luxury amenities. Comfort meets wild with the upscale El Monte Gringo Lodge that awaits after a long day’s hunt. The lodge boasts well-appointed guest rooms, featuring in-suite bathrooms, luxury linens, and rustic yet refined decor. Guests can unwind in the spacious lounge area, enjoy a game of pool or get in a late evening workout in the gym. The outdoor patio offers panoramic views of the south Texas landscape, a perfect place to enjoy a cocktail from our fully-stocked bar. The lodge also includes modern conveniences like high speed WiFi, ensuring you can stay connected even while you’re away from it all.

Embarking on Your Texas Whitetail Deer Hunt

Acquiring a Texas Hunting License is the first step to your hunting adventure. You can obtain this through the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department either online or from licensed retailers. A Texas hunting license opens up a world of opportunity for hunting enthusiasts, allowing them to legally hunt a range of game across the state.

Guided Hunting at El Monte Gringo Ranch

Our guided hunting process is designed to provide you with a complete hunting experience. Upon arriving at El Monte Gringo Ranch, you’ll be welcomed by seasoned hunting guides who will brief you on the day’s itinerary. Your guide, an expert in wildlife behavior and tracking, will lead you through the ranch’s diverse habitats, using their knowledge to optimize your chances of a successful Texas whitetail deer hunt. Here are the three phases of a Texas whitetail guided hunt at El Monte Gringo Ranch:

1. Safety Briefing

Safety is a top priority at El Monte Gringo Ranch, and our guides are committed to ensuring that every hunter understands the importance of adhering to strict safety protocols. Before embarking on the hunt, all guests are briefed on the proper use of all hunting equipment, including the correct handling of firearms, bows and ammunition. We emphasize the importance of keeping the gun’s safety on and muzzle discipline, which is pointing the muzzle in a safe direction at all times. Additionally, we review the importance of wearing high-visibility orange gear to maintain visibility among fellow hunters.

To further ensure a safe hunting environment, our guides explain the ways to identify a clear target and also see what lies beyond your trophy whitetail deer, vital for preventing accidents. They also take the time to go over the procedures for crossing obstacles with a firearm and emphasize the importance of sober hunting. Understanding these protocols helps to maintain a hazard-free experience for all guests and supports the standard of responsible hunting that El Monte Gringo Ranch upholds

2. On the Hunt

With your guide’s expert advice, you’ll be ready to embark on your Texas whitetail deer hunt. As you navigate through the rustic landscape of rolling hills and dense wooded areas, keep a keen eye out for any signs of movement or deer activity.

Throughout the hunt, our guides serve not only as trackers but also as mentors, providing instruction and tips geared to help you become an even better hunter. Whether you’re a new hunter looking to learn the ropes or an experienced marksman seeking to sharpen your skills, our guided hunts make for an unforgettable hunting adventure. Hunting guides at El Monte Gringo Ranch are patient educators, ready to share their knowledge of effective stalking strategies, accurate shooting techniques, and the proper harvest of game.

Your guide is not only a companion in the field but also your safety officer and coach. They will work diligently to ensure that you are well-positioned to take your shot, with a clear understanding of the shot placement to ensure a humane harvest.

3. After the Harvest

Following your successful Texas whitetail deer hunt, your guide at El Monte Gringo Ranch transitions into the final, yet equally important phase of the hunt. After you have your pictures taken with your trophy Texas whitetail, El Monte Gringo staff will quarter harvest the deer and transport them to a local processor or taxidermist on the hunter’s behalf.

Why Choose El Monte Gringo Ranch?

For those seeking the ultimate hunting adventure, look no further than our trophy whitetail deer guided hunts. The ranch team is committed to providing guests with an authentic and exciting hunting adventure, all while maintaining the highest standards of safety.

El Monte Gringo’s expert guides will lead you through the sprawling landscapes, helping you track and hunt these majestic and elusive animals. With their in-depth knowledge and keen eye, they’ll provide you with the best opportunities to bag the trophy of a lifetime. Their team of experienced guides, comfortable accommodations, and bountiful game populations make them one of the top Texas whitetail deer hunting outfitters around. So, whether you’re a first-timer looking to learn the ropes or a seasoned hunter seeking your next big trophy, El Monte Gringo Ranch has an adventure awaiting everyone!