El Monte Gringo Ranch

Premier Texas Whitetail Hunting and A Variety of Other Incredible Hunting Opportunities

Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunts at El Monte Gringo Ranch

Welcome to El Monte Gringo Ranch, the premier destination for trophy whitetail deer hunts in Texas. Nestled in the heart of Texas’s rugged and majestic landscape, our ranch is a paradise for trophy hunters looking to bag the most impressive whitetail deer of their lives. Our expertly managed habitats and dedication to wildlife conservation provide an unparalleled hunting experience.

Why Choose El Monte Gringo Ranch?

At El Monte Gringo Ranch, we understand what trophy hunters crave: big racks, challenging pursuits, and the ultimate bragging rights. That’s why we’ve spent years cultivating the perfect environment for our trophy whitetail deer to thrive. Our careful genetic management and selective harvest strategies ensure that each hunter has the opportunity to encounter mature bucks that Texas is famous for — the kind of game that makes a hunting trip unforgettable.

So why should you choose us?

  • Largest Trophy Bucks: We pride ourselves on producing some of the largest whitetail trophy bucks in Texas, with massive antlers that are sure to captivate any hunter’s attention.
  • Expert Guides: Our seasoned hunting guides are passionate about providing world class hunting adventures and will lead you to the most promising spots on our expansive property.
  • Sustainable Practices: Our commitment to sustainable hunting practices means that not only will you enjoy your hunt today, but you’ll also be contributing to the health of the deer population for future generations.
  • First-Class Amenities: After a day in the wild, relax in our comfortable, rustic accommodations with all the amenities you need to recharge for another day of hunting.
If this sounds like the kind of adventure you’re looking for, then give us a call today. 

The Finest Texas Hunting Ranch

While you’re here, take a look around. Check out some of our guided deer hunting packages, peruse the amenities and photos of our lodge, or take a peak at some of the big Texas whitetail bucks that were taken at our ranch. 

Check out some of our incredible trophy whitetail deer hunts.

Aoudad sheep lying on the ground after being hunted at El Monte Gringo Ranch, showcasing the ranch's hunting environment.

Explore our lodge, equipped with a poker table, pool table, gym, and much more.

It could be your photo hanging on the trophy wall! 

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Hands down the most amazing ranch we have ever been too. We tried Nigil meat for the first time and wow Shawn and his guys can cook.. We stayed in the new lodge as his first guests ever in the new place you will not be disappointed by no means. Shawn and the guides here are top notch and treat you like family. Will definitely go back soon....
One of the best times I've ever had in my life!! The ranch is amazing and the lodging is top notch!!! The people that own and run the ranch make you feel at home and feel like your part of their family!!!! And the deer at the ranch will blow your mind with the size of their racks!!! Can't wait till I can go back. Thanks again to every one it was a blast!!!