El Monte Gringo Ranch

Trophy Hunts - Our Showcase

At El Monte Gringo Ranch, we understand what trophy hunters crave: big racks, challenging pursuits, and the ultimate bragging rights. That’s why we’ve spent years cultivating the perfect environment for our trophy whitetail deer to thrive. Our careful genetic management and selective harvest strategies ensure that each hunter has the opportunity to encounter mature bucks that Texas is famous for — the kind of game that makes a hunting trip unforgettable.

Trophy Whitetail Deer

Whether you’re a seasoned trophy hunter or looking to embark on your first trophy deer hunting adventure in Texas, El Monte Gringo Ranch offers an experience that caters to your passion for the hunt. Our high success rates and exceptional reviews reflect our status as a top hunting destination.

Below, you will find some of our past guests that successfully harvested some monster whitetail deer at our ranch.

Trophy Exotic Animals

Our private ranch is a premier destination for hunters seeking the thrill of tracking down one of North America’s most revered game animals: the trophy whitetail deer. We also are home to some incredible exotic animals, including Auodad, Blackbuck, Scimitar Horned Oryx, Axis Deer and more!

Here are just a few that our previous guests have harvested: