El Monte Gringo Ranch

Woman poses with harvested whitetail buck

A Day of Texas Guided Hunting at El Monte Gringo Ranch

Deep in the heart of the South Texas wilderness, you will find El Monte Gringo Ranch. A top destination for hunters seeking the thrill of tracking and harvesting some of the biggest Texas whitetail bucks out there. With over 2300 acres of prime hunting ground, the ranch offers a hunting experience one will remember for a lifetime. All this adventure begins with the essential first step: obtaining a Texas hunting license. The Texas Parks & Wildlife Department emphasizes that a valid hunting license is your ticket to Texas whitetail deer hunting and a chance to bag a monster buck for yourself.

Before Dawn

The day starts early at El Monte Gringo Ranch, well before the sunrays streak across the sky at first light. Now equipped with a Texas hunting license, hunters gather for a short orientation, where the day’s plan and strategy are discussed. Guides share insights on recent game movements and behavior and discuss tracking and spotting big Texas whitetail bucks.

Into the Wild

As the sun rises, casting a golden hue over the rugged terrain, hunters and their guides set out. The landscape of El Monte Gringo Ranch is a mix of dense brush, open fields, and challenging terrains that test the skills of even the most experienced hunters. It’s in these early hours that the air is crisp, and the big whitetail bucks are often most active, setting the scene for what many hunters consider the optimal time for the best Texas hunting.

The pursuit of whitetail deer is a game of patience, blending skill, stealth, and strategy. Hunters find themselves surrounded by the natural beauty of South Texas, with every rustle, twig break and shadow potentially signaling the presence of their quarry. The ranch’s dedication to good stewardship and responsible hunting practices ensures the fostering of healthy deer populations.

The Big Moment

Imagine peering through the brush from your camouflaged position across an open field. You’ve been glassing the tree line that rests about 70 yards across the way for the last hour as the sun begins to burn the rising mist off the matted Texas grasses. Something catches your eye to the right. There’s a slight movement in the shadows beyond the first trees, something is moving in the forest. Maybe something big. As you watch in the silence, everything is still, and for a few long minutes your heart sinks thinking it was no more than a squirl or a bird that you mistook for something more.

But then you see him, emerging cautiously out of the dark green thicket and stepping out on the grassy field into the sunlight where the majestic size and rack of the animal can now be fully appreciated. It’s a monster whitetail buck, with tines upon tines. He snorts and shivers as he prods the grasses with his nose, nibbling as he moves, staying close to the tree line and ever alert, ears twitching.

Slowly, you shoulder your rifle and look through your scope. Up close you can see he’s an even finer whitetail buck, likely quite old. As you click the safety off, and take a deep, slow breath, you can hear your heartbeat in your ears. All your senses are heightened. Time seems to slow down as you remain patient. Looking through the scope, you wait as he turns. Finally, his head raises as he seems to catch wind of something, possibly a coyote exposing his broadside to you. It’s the opportunity you’ve been waiting for. You take the shot, and the big Texas buck goes down.

The harvesting of a big Texas whitetail buck sends adrenaline coursing through the veins. It’s a heart-pounding moment, the culmination of patience and preparation. The dance between hunter and hunted unfolds, with careful movements, breath control, and precision aim. The successful harvest of a whitetail deer is a moment of mixed emotions, combining respect for the animal with the exhilaration of the hunt.

To further ensure a safe hunting environment, our guides explain the ways to identify a clear target and also see what lies beyond your trophy whitetail deer, vital for preventing accidents. They also take the time to go over the procedures for crossing obstacles with a firearm and emphasize the importance of sober hunting. Understanding these protocols helps to maintain a hazard-free experience for all guests and supports the standard of responsible hunting that El Monte Gringo Ranch upholds

Reflections and Camraderie

Back at the lodge, as the day winds down, hunters share stories of their adventures and close encounters. It’s a time of camaraderie, where stories are shared, and the bonds formed in the wild are strengthened. The tales of the day’s south Texas whitetail deer hunts add to the rich tapestry of hunting lore and tradition that encompasses El Monte Gringo Ranch.

Dinner is a hearty affair. The chefs of El Monte Gringo prepare a feast. Hunters can trade the tallest of tales by the fireplace in the lodge or possibly out by the firepit under the night sky. It’s a time to reflect on the day, the beauty of God’s creation, and to prepare for what the next day’s adventure holds.

Throughout the hunt, our guides serve not only as trackers but also as mentors, providing instruction and tips geared to help you become an even better hunter. Whether you’re a new hunter looking to learn the ropes or an experienced marksman seeking to sharpen your skills, our guided hunts make for an unforgettable hunting adventure. Hunting guides at El Monte Gringo Ranch are patient educators, ready to share their knowledge of effective stalking strategies, accurate shooting techniques, and the proper harvest of game.

Your guide is not only a companion in the field but also your safety officer and coach. They will work diligently to ensure that you are well-positioned to take your shot, with a clear understanding of the shot placement to ensure a humane harvest.

A Day to Remember

A day in the life of a whitetail deer hunter at El Monte Gringo Ranch is more than just a hunt; it’s a journey into the heart of the south Texas wildness. With a valid Texas hunting license in hand, hunters of all levels find themselves part of a tradition that celebrates the outdoors, wildlife, and the pursuit of big Texas whitetail bucks. It’s an experience that calls many back year after year, eager to once again to step into the wild at El Monte Gringo Ranch.