El Monte Gringo Ranch

Top 5 Trophy Whitetail Deer at El Monte Gringo Ranch

El Monte Gringo Ranch, a haven for whitetail deer hunts in Texas, is known for its jaw-dropping whitetail bucks. With its sprawling acres, this south Texas ranch provides the perfect habitat for these majestic creatures to thrive.

Nestled within the picturesque landscape of Linn, Texas, El Monte Gringo Ranch stands as a testament to the wild beauty that the Rio Grande Valley region encompasses. The broad, open skies and the earthy scent of mesquite and huisache trees envelope the area, painting a serene backdrop perfect for the thriving wildlife. With over 2,300 acres of virgin South Texas brush, the ranch is a thriving habitat for native wildlife such as Whitetail Deer, Quail, White Wing, Morning Dove, Rio Grande Turkey, Bobcats, Javelinas, and Coyotes.

Here, where the sun casts golden hues over the rugged terrain, hunters find a tranquil escape, complemented by the chorus of native songbirds and the gentle rustling of leaves in the afternoon Texas breeze. It’s this natural tapestry that not only provides an ideal setting for the elusive whitetail but also offers a quiet retreat for those seeking the peace only found in God’s creation. This blog is dedicated to the top five bucks taken at Monte Gringo Ranch, and the skilled hunters who brought them down. As they say, “Everything is bigger in Texas” and these massive deer prove why trophy whitetail deer hunts in Texas are a must for any avid hunter.

5. The First Whitetail Buck over 200" by Cheryl Schmidt

Number 5 on our list, we celebrate Cheryl Schmidt’s achievement – the first whitetail buck over 200″ taken at El Monte Gringo Ranch. Guided by Adam Batot, Cheryl’s 207″ whitetail is a symbol of her dedication and passion for hunting.

Cheryl Schmidt with a large 207" Whitetail Buick

4. The 220"+ Whitetail by Ramon Ayala

Ramon Ayala, guided by CJ Moreno, bagged a 220″+ whitetail, earning the fourth spot on our list. Ramon’s trophy is a testament to his hunting skill and CJ’s guiding knowledge – the thrill of the hunt and the deep respect for good stewardship are what truly matter.

Ramon Ayala with a beautiful 220" Trophy Whitetail Deer

3. The 291" Whitetail by Mayra Vela

Coming in at third place is the 291″ whitetail, taken by Mayra Vela. Under the guidance of Adam Batot, she demonstrated that patience and precision are key elements in successful hunting. Her accomplishment is a tribute to all women who love the sport.

Mayra Vela with a massive 291" Whitetail Deer at El Monte Gringo Ranch

2. The 310" Whitetail by Shawn Gerlach

Not far behind the #1 spot, the second mega-buck on our list is a 310″ whitetail, taken by, Shawn Gerlach, El Monte Gringo Ranch owner, who also acted as his own guide. His success story is a testament to his hunting prowess and intimate knowledge of the terrain and deer behavior.

Shawn Gerlach kneeling beside a 310" Giant Whitetail Deer at El Monte Gringo Ranch

1. The 418" Whitetail by Tino Vela

Topping the list is the massive 418″ whitetail deer, taken by Tino Vela. Guided by Adam Batot, this trophy whitetail buck stands as a symbol of the grandeur that El Monte Gringo Ranch holds within its boundaries. The sheer size of this buck is a testament to the healthy and thriving ecosystem of the ranch.

Tino Vela with a Enormous 418" Trophy Texas Buck at El Monte Gringo Ranch

These five hunters have left their mark on El Monte Gringo Ranch with their impressive trophies. Each one of them has a story to tell – of patience, of skill, and of respect for nature. They remind us that hunting is not just about taking down the biggest whitetail buck, but also about the experience, the thrill, and the love for the great outdoors.

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