El Monte Gringo Ranch

Teenage boy smiling and kneeling beside a Scimitar Horned Oryx lying on the ground at El Monte Gringo Ranch

El Monte Gringo Ranch: The Ultimate Destination for Exotic Hunting in Texas

A jewel set in the heart of South Texas, El Monte Gringo Ranch operates as a haven for hunting enthusiasts seeking the thrill of the chase and the joy of bagging a big trophy. Known for its sprawling expanse of pristine hunting grounds and top-notch accommodations, the ranch is the ultimate destination for those in pursuit of trophy exotic and whitetail deer hunts in Texas. El Monte Gringo Ranch has established itself as a premier location for exotics and Texas whitetail deer hunts, attracting hunters from across the nation.

Exotic Game at El Monte Gringo


Beyond its renowned reputation for whitetail hunting, El Monte Gringo also offers an extraordinary adventure with its exotic game hunts. The ranch prides itself on a diverse range of species, providing a unique hunting experience right in Texas. Hunters have the opportunity to stalk and harvest exotic game such as the majestic Axis deer, known for their impressive antlers and challenging hunt, as well as the elusive Blackbuck, whose swift movements and distinct coloring make for a rewarding pursuit. Additionally, the ranch hosts hunts for the Aoudad sheep, offering a rugged, mountainous hunting experience reminiscent of their native North African habitat.

Wildlife and Habitat Management

El Monte Gringo’s dedication to exotic hunting extends beyond offering a variety of species to pursue. The ranch invests heavily in habitat management and conservation efforts to ensure that each species thrives in an environment as close to their native habitat as possible. This commitment to excellence and sustainability not only benefits the wildlife but also enriches the hunting experience, offering hunters the thrill of pursuing game in settings crafted to mirror the natural beauty and challenges of the animals’ original landscapes.

Top Guides

El Monte Gringo Ranch enhances your hunting adventure by enlisting seasoned guides who possess in-depth knowledge of the terrain and the behaviors of the exotic species and whitetail deer found on the ranch. These guides not only offer invaluable insight to position you in the most opportune spots for hunting but also provide assistance with tracking and retrieval, ensuring that your focus remains on the thrill of the hunt.

The Lodge

After a day in the wilderness, hunters can retreat to the comfort of the ranch’s luxurious accommodations. The lodge offers a warm and inviting atmosphere, where guests can relax and share stories of the day’s adventures. With all meals and amenities provided, the ranch ensures that every aspect of your stay is taken care of.

The proverbial “ace in the hole” for El Monte Gringo Ranch has to be its lodge, a testament to the perfect blend of rustic charm and modern luxury. Designed with hunters in mind, the lodge boasts spacious, well-furnished rooms that offer comfort and relaxation after a long day in the wild. Each room is equipped with all the amenities one might need, including comfortable beds, private bathrooms, and stunning views of the surrounding landscape. The common areas of the lodge invite camaraderie among guests, featuring a cozy fireplace, a well-stocked bar, and ample seating for recounting the day’s exploits.

Dining & Leisure

The dining experience at El Monte Gringo Ranch is unrivaled, with gourmet meals prepared by skilled chefs who use the freshest local ingredients to craft delicious, hearty dishes. Whether it’s a savory steak dinner or a lighter fare, the culinary team ensures that every meal complements the overall luxury hunting experience. The lodge can even accommodate special dietary requests with advance notice.

Beyond the confines of the lodge, the ranch’s commitment to excellence extends to its outdoor amenities. A fire pit offers the perfect setting for evening gatherings under the starlit Texas sky, while the on-site shooting range is ideal for honing your skills or engaging in a friendly competition with fellow hunters. Together, these features create a seamless blend of adventure and leisure, making El Monte Gringo Ranch not just a destination for hunting but a peaceful haven for those blessed enough to visit.

Year-Round Hunting for Exotics

Unlike the strictly regulated seasons for native game such as whitetail deer, the hunting of exotic species at El Monte Gringo Ranch is not bound by the same temporal constraints, largely due to their non-native status. These animals, originating from various parts of the globe, have been carefully introduced into the ranch’s expansive, controlled habitats, allowing them to flourish in a way that mimics their natural environments but without the predators and competition they would face in the wild. This controlled environment not only ensures the well-being and sustainability of these species but also permits the ranch to offer hunting opportunities year-round. Hunters can thus plan their adventures at their convenience, without the need to align with the more restricted traditional hunting seasons. This unique aspect of exotic hunting at El Monte Gringo Ranch not only provides flexibility for hunters but also contributes to the management and health of the exotic populations.

Texas Hunting License

In Texas, hunting exotic game comes with its own set of regulations, distinct from those governing native wildlife. Individuals looking to partake in exotic hunting at El Monte Gringo Ranch must be aware that a Texas hunting license is indeed required. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department oversees the issuance of these licenses, ensuring that hunters meet all legal requirements. Securing a Texas hunting license is a critical step for anyone aiming to engage in exotic hunting at El Monte Gringo Ranch.


El Monte Gringo Ranch stands out as the ultimate destination for exotic hunting in Texas, offering a blend of thrilling exotic hunting options and luxurious hospitality. Whether you’re an experienced hunter dreaming of exotics or big Texas whitetail bucks or someone looking to embark on their first hunting adventure, the ranch provides an ideal setting for an unforgettable experience. With its commitment to conservation, expert guidance, and exceptional accommodations, El Monte Gringo Ranch is where hunting dreams become reality.